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New Castle on Herrenchiemsee

Located on Chiemsee, the island Herrenchiemsee can be reached by ferry, which leaves regularly from the town of Prien, approximately a one-hour drive from Munich. A round-trip ferry ticket costs € 5.80 and entrance to the castle is € 7 (this also includes entrance to the King Ludwig II Museum, the Augustinian Monastery and the Art Gallery Julius Exter, which is near the village of Übersee-Feldwies on the southern shore of Chiemsee). Upon arriving on the island, a pleasant 15-minute walk takes you through the meadows and forests of
the island to the palace. Four immense fountains flank the left and right sides of the front facade and another one occupies the central space of the garden.
The cornerstone was laid for Herrenchiemsee Neues Schloss in 1881 and, while the building was in progress, Ludwig furnished a smaller castle, the Altes Schloss (Old Castle), near the jetty from where he could supervise the progress of his grand project. Similar to Versailles, the Neues Schloss has a Hall of Mirrors and a formal French garden, designed also by Carl von Effner. Ludwig came to the palace every October, but, similar to Neuschwanstein, it was unfinished upon his death. Tours of the palace are extensive, and tourists view approximately 20 rooms. Herrenchiemsee Neues Schloss is home to the King Ludwig II Museum, which contains many photographs and personal belongings of the king. One of the most interesting collections on display is the correspondence between Richard Wagner and King Ludwig, from which one gets a sense of their fiery and complex relationship.
Opening hours:
New Castle:
April-October 15 9 am-6 pm (Last guided tour starts at 5 pm)
October 16-March 9:40 am-4:15 pm (Last guided starts at 3:40 pm)

King Ludwig II Museum
April-October 15 9 am-6 pm
October 16-March 10 am-4:45 pm


Phone: (08051) 68 87 570

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