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Danny Burrows

Editor of Munich-based Onboard snowboarding magazine:

This bar in Schwabing is a truly Bavarian experience and the place itself is steeped in history. The food is cheap, the beer’s fine and plentiful, and for those on the wagon, there are pool tables and table tennis for entertainment.
Schellingstrasse 54, Phone: (089) 272 07 88

Whether you go for sushi, edamame, tempura soba, Shoya has it all and more. In fact, the only thing it lacks is enough tables to cater to the large crowds that descend upon it each and every day of the year.
Orlandostrasse 5, Phone: (089) 29 27 72

It may be a café by name, but you won’t find any coffee at this hip club and bar. However, if you are into hanging with the beautiful young things of Munich until the wee hours of the morning then this is most definitely one of the best places
to do it.
Blumenstrasse 29

This has to be one of the best cinemas that I have ever visited in my life. Not only is it cozy and run by very friendly staff, but it also shows all the latest in moving pictures in the original language, as well as the occasional cult classic.
Lilienstrasse 2, Phone: (089) 48 24 03

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